Monday, January 25, 2010

FHE Activity – Choose the right words

Tonight for Family Home Evening, we talked about using the right words. I read a story from the January 2010 Friend magazine,"Words That Build Up," then we discussed the quiz on the next page about choosing the right words. A couple things on the quiz sounded exactly like what happens in our house – here's a good example:

A younger child shows you a drawing she made. You --
A. say "I can't even tell what that is."
B. say "I like the colors you chose," or," You are good at drawing."

Occasionally, I will hear answer B, when my kids are really paying attention to what they say. But usually, answer A is the normal response around here. So this quiz was good for our family. Then I made a "Choose The Right Words" poster for everyone to color and hang in their room. They liked putting their own designs on them.

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  1. We had that same lesson a few weeks ago. Cool poster!