Thursday, December 17, 2009

It finally happened

Having such a gorgeous husband, I knew it would happen one day. And now that he has his own business, meeting and helping hundreds of different people, the chances were even greater. Well, this past Saturday, it happened. One of Dan's clients hit on him.
It was meant as a joke (so Dan says) but I still had to take a second and recover when he told me (which, btw, he told me as soon as he got home, so kudos to him!) Dan got an emergency call on Saturday while he was out with the kids at Stephen's soccer game. So after the game he took the brood with him to meet this client. When Dan was done fixing the problem, the lady commented on how large our family is. She told him that since I have already had so many kids with him, she would be willing to have some more for him so I can take a break.


Dan politely turned down her offer.  I wonder if she would have made that offer if I was there too. It is a little funny, but good grief!


  1. Did she offer to do all the dishes and laundry too?

  2. love the music btw!

  3. Thanks! I listen to lots of U2 when I go running, and I don't know why, but I'm really liking disco stuff lately.
    Dishes and laundry, well then I'd REALLY have to turn her down. Keeping a clean house is one of Dan's "love languages", and I don't want any other woman speaking that language to him!

  4. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I was on a date with Tim a couple of years ago, and we were at a Chili's restaurant...and the waitress hit on him the entire time...I had fun with that one! I mean, sheesh, it was like right in front of me!! I was like "dude, she is totally checking you out..." and he would totally deny it...and I am like pointing out the common things girls do to get attention and she was hitting all of them...and the funny thing was that the next day yahoo did an article on that subject so I got to pour over the article and point out all the things she did was typical...hee hee hee hee